Life Coaching

Oracle Life Coaching? What is it? 

Oracle Life Coaching is going on a journey to step fully into the wholeness of your life. This journey is embarked with a synergistic relationship with your coach to support you along the way.

How can it possibly help me?

It’s about you, how you live your life and how it can help you live the life you have more the way you want it to be. Sounds like a self-help cliche? Well it isn’t! This is about you looking at your life, changing what really doesn’t work for you, growing more self-awareness, trusting your own judgment on things, not being afraid to say ‘no’ if something isn’t right and ‘just being’ with you in all that you do.

The coaching process begins with looking at your own intuitive process, how you listen to yourself, how you make decisions and how you respond to what life brings you. From this, as part of the journey with you, together you come up with innovative ways to improve on your life in steps you are comfortable with. In the coaching process, we use the tree of life cycle to evaluate each area of your life through out the journey to see how you progress.

When becoming more intuitive with ourselves, people choose to believe in seeking signs around them. This can be signs in nature, from people close to us who have passed over or other higher deities. These alternative ways are also integrated into the coaching process by using oracle or tarot cards to help us delve deeper and really reach inward for the inner guidance we need if you so wish.

How long does it take?

To begin, we take a full overview of your life. This is your consultation with yourself to check in with how you feel with everything with me as your coach supporting you.  I recommend you allow 1.5 hours for this as there is lots to be discovered and be aware of in this first session. There after, sessions are one hour in length, with more focus and action gathering momentum as the journey moves along. Whether you wish to have one session or four this is completely your choice. What you wish to invest and take action on as you wish.

How much does it cost?

As an investment in you, the consultation is €75.00, with sessions there after being €55.00.

Payment for sessions can be made with ease through paypal, and of course, support of the financial investment in the process can be discussed confidentially before we begin to set your mind at peace.

How or where does it happen?

Sessions can be arranged face to face at a location convenient for you and me. Phone sessions, whatsapp or skype can also be arranged. Whatever works best for you!

How do I start?

Simply, call me or text on 00353-86-1906064 or email me at to take the next step into becoming the whole you.