About Me

Hailing from rural West Cork, the pretty seaside village of Baltimore, my childhood was full of fairies, daisy chains and following cows & horses around the countryside on my father’s farm.

Having a deeper connection to the natural area around me, how people interact with one another and ultimately how we really are all part of the one source is something I instinctively know and trust through that childlike view.

With a background in hospitality since my teens, being ‘of service’ with people came as my default setting. Balancing my needs and figuring out ‘my purpose’ in the world has been a evolving process and so very exciting. Continuous investment within my life to have what I truly need and want present is something that always amazes me.

Key achievements to date for me are setting up my own business, graduating with QQI Level 6 certificate in Equine Assisted Learning, QQI Level 6 diploma in Life & Business Coaching and BA (Hons) in International Business.

To come to this moment, where I can offer the guidance and assistance through Life Coaching, Leadership and Support is something I am proud of and eternally grateful for. So thank you for helping, contributing and being with me in this journey! 🙂