Walking & Talking the way to clarity..

I don’t know if you have been experiencing the challenging intensity of the energies we are going through at the moment, but I sure have. The beautiful weather is providing endless light to so many of us, yet to other parts of the population it is proving very difficult. It cries out to us where is the balance, we embrace the good times yet fear the bad times are never too far from our door.

Part of the way in coping with such times of polarities is to be able to have a space to speak openly without judgement, a space where you are listened to where you can come into that space of clarity we all seek in challenging times.

I recommend my walk and talk time, where we meet, walk through a beautiful space and talk about whatever we feel needs to be aired. If you need a safe space to reach out and take a walk…please do get in touch. 086-1906064. catherine@oraclelifecoaching.ie IMG_4128

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