Teacher or Student!? 

Well which is it? When do we know to be in teaching/showing or telling mode? And when to say I’m a student of life and I’m here to learn and grow to?! 

From my experience, this comes through our own inner guidance system. For the last few days, I’ve experienced extreme symthoms of powerlessness in how to handle the situations life has sent me. This has been stomach ache, loss of apetite, headaches and fatigue! Literally being grounded to a halt. This happens to us sometimes when the situation we are facing or environment we are in is bigger than us. We are acutely aware of the changes that need to happen within and without us but it’s like banging our heads off the brick wall to get people to understand? 

So what changed me? And progressively helped with these intense physical symthoms I was experiencing? Simple, I let it go and looked at it from a learning perspective. And instantly my energy levels changed, my enthusiasm lifted and my heart went ahhhh!!! 

So remember, in life we are student and teacher, don’t struggle with yourself work out which it is! 

And as my intuition told me “I told you so”

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