Love or Fear? 

Coming from a place of love or fear…
With May well and truly in it’s stride what can we take stock from the first few months of 2017. People’s lives become more busier as days grow longer, more positivity and plans as the summer lays out ahead of us. 

Yet, darkness still holds its space. The place of fear where we think we are actually being practical in our decisions when it’s really the fear talking. How can you tell the difference? 

Well, how big is the contrast? How much resistance do you feel before you make a decisions? Rarely when we make a decision wholeheartedly is it fear based. It comes from the heart. 

Now as we fly on in month five 2017, embrace your changes in this wholeness. Acknowledge your fears, but don’t let it hold you back. Summer 2017 will only be here once. Live it. 
(Photo copyright to artist as listed) 

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